Dive In to the source of divine embodiment. Beneath the surface of our conscious minds lies an entire world full of myths, symbols, and legends. Let these gowns transport you to the magical realm; where we draw from the never ending spring of inspiration...as long as we approach in humble surrender.




Feel the allure of the salty waves. Slide in to this gown and embody the graceful fluidity of the Ocean. This gown features a sea shell shaped bust, daringly low back, a sleek body conscious silhouette, and a seaweed-like hem.

Materials: 60% Hemp / 40% Silk, seed beads, tulle



Nymph Ensemble

Playful yet alluring, you can easily imagine yourself perched seductively on a mossy stone near a sacred pool, laughter and joy filling the air. This set is two pieces, a top and skirt. 

This outfit as shown is made from a hemp tencel fabric, but could be made as a bridal or bridesmaid ensemble , in hemp silk satin.  Natural, as well as various colors, are available in the hemp satin.

Materials: hemp/ tencel, or hemp / satin 

Corset-like top:
hemp tencel  $225
hemp satin    $300

hemp tencel  $175
hemp satin    $295



Dreamlike, watery grace and ethereal beauty is evoked by Belisama, goddess of lakes and rivers. Don this gown named for her, and feel yourself transported to the depths of your own inner beauty. Invoke the fluid movement of the waters with each swish of the chiffon skirt, embody the currents of femininity with the lace details.

Materials: Hemp/silk satin underdress, 100% sheer silk chiffon overlay, organic cotton lace




Echoes of the ancient Priestesses, arrayed in garments spun with gold, resonate as you step in to this gown. The fitted, corset style bodice is quilted using gold thread, and hand beaded using gold seed beads. The tiered, ruffled skirt unzips under the third layer of ruffles, so that the gown can be worn long for the ceremony, and then transformed in to a short style for the reception. Can be worn with a netted underskirt to create more volume, pictured without.

Materials: 60% Hemp, 40% Silk , cotton coutile (for corset lining)




The sirens song of the mermaid, mystical creature of our primordial oceans, inspires this gown. Scalloped shells of hemp/silk satin  form the bust of this magical dress, and the full, gathered skirt is made from a semi-sheer organic cotton. Sheer Silk accents, reminiscent of delicate jellyfish, accent the ends of the neck ties, as well as the front ribbons. 

Materials: Hemp/silk satin, organic cotton, 100% silk, semi-sheer organic cotton voile