Dive In to the source of divine embodiment. Beneath the surface of our conscious minds lies an entire world full of myths, symbols, and legends. Let these gowns transport you to the magical realm; where we draw from the never ending spring of inspiration...as long as we approach in humble surrender.




Shhhhh.... embodiment of that which you seek, great huntress, she who pulls back her bow and aims true, with strength, grace, and intention.... this dramatic gown reminds us of your power. In a deep crimson red, a color filled with power. This gown is created with princess seams both front and back, to create a fitted, curvaceous look. The skirt is a series of full, dramatic flounces. The neckline echoes the skirt, with a high,wrap around collar of double ruffles.

This gown is available in red, as shown, natural, black, or deep plum purple

Materials: 60% Hemp, 40 % Silk Satin




Memories of a long journey, descent, to the soul of the self, and a joyous return, trailing yards of wispy spiderwebs and wrapped in newfound mysteries. This dress wraps you, neckline and hem, in yards and yards of unhemmed semi sheer organic cotton voile, nestled within yards and yards of gathered hemp/ silk satin. The ruffle wraps up around the neck, and trails , in two seperate cascades, almost to the hemline in the back . The gathering is echoed at the hemline, creating a full, dramatic effect. The silhouette is a touch mermaidy, fitted in through the bust waist, and hips, flaring just below the hips.

Materials: 60% Hemp, 40% Silk, Semi sheer, 100% organic cotton




This gown is named for the Roman Goddess of marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth. Zip in to this gown and feel yourself surrounded by each and every woman who has gone before you in these sacred ceremonies of womanhood.  This gown features a bias-cut, corset-like bodice and full, gathered skirt with a tulle underlayer adding volume.

Materials: This gown as shown is made from a hemp/silk floral jacquard. Also available in a hemp/silk satin, or in a combination of hemp/silk and organic cotton voile.

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