Dive In to the source of divine embodiment. Beneath the surface of our conscious minds lies an entire world full of myths, symbols, and legends. Let these gowns transport you to the magical realm; where we draw from the never ending spring of inspiration...as long as we approach in humble surrender.




Galloping wildly through the night, in full abandon to the dreamtime, arrayed in a gown of feathers and full skirts. This dress has a beautifully fitted corset bodice, adorned with a peacock feather, and finished with ties of sheer silk, that hang dreamily down your back. The full skirt is gathered up in the front to reveal an underskirt hemmed with more peacock feathers. The fabric is woven through with a subtle design of flowers.

Materials: 85% Hemp, 15% Silk Floral Jacquard, peacock feathers, 60% Hemp, 40% silk 

This gown can also be created using the Hemp/Silk Satin, and with various other feathers.  Please call us to inquire.

Price  $1200.



Shed the remnants of your old self, and slide in to this gown, named for the ancient Babylonian Serpent Queen. It is the serpent who is the closest to Mother Earth, gliding upon her on her belly, retreating in to the darkness beneath the soil, only to reemerge in to the light, whispering secrets of the dark. Embody that which has been gestating within you, bring your unspoken heart secrets out in to the light in this gown.

Materials: 100% organic cotton semi sheer voile, hemp satin edging details.

This gown is also beautiful made from our hemp/silk satin fabric.

Price:     Organic cotton   $825
               Hemp satin       $950



Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a moment....feel your feet upon the earth, feel her ancient heartbeat, reverberating through you and within you....open your eyes and find that you are wrapped and held in this heartbeat, that you are loved and are love. This gown does just that, wraps you tightly in the bodice, ( inhale....) and lovingly releases you ( exhale...) in the full, whispery soft skirts.

Materials: Bodice is made from hemp/silk satin, and features a band of hand stitched embroidery as accent. The embroidery is done using 100% silk thread by woman in Chiapas, Mexico. 

The skirt is overlaid entirely with a 100% silk chiffon, which floats dreamily over the underskirt of hemp satin.

Price: $1200.



Step in to this gown and allow yourself to unfold, gently, from your center; to ripen and flower in due season. Blossom and fill the world with your beauty. This gown hugs your body; from the halter and down through the torso to the hips, where it opens, petal-like, to a full skirt. There is a crinoline beneath the under skirt, to add volume. Bold, handmade roses adorn the neckline, and are echoed on the pick-ups on the skirt. 

Materials:  The dress as shown, is made from a matte 60% hemp/ 40% silk blend. The underskirt is a satin 60% hemp/ 40% silk. Handmade roses are made from these two fabrics, as well as a sheer 100% silk chiffon. 

Price  $1275.




Don this spectacular gown and invoke the wild beauty of the fields and forests; of the oceans and streams of this wild, beautiful, planet we humbly call home. Made of rows of hand ruching, with bands ornamented with Cowrie shells between. 

Materials:  Hand dyed 60% hemp / 40% silk , 85% hemp / 15% silk jacquard, and a matte hemp silk on the bottom ruffle. Peacock feather and cowrie shell adornments.

This dress can also be ordered in all white, or in various color combinations, for a very special bridesmaid look. Please call us to discuss available options.

Price  $3000.